• Uninterrupted Supply - IGL offers the convenience of continuous and adequate supply of PNG at all times through well laid infrastructure of pipelines.
  • Safety - PNG being lighter than air, it vents off in case of any leakage. Also the supply is controlled through valves, to automatically cut off the supply in case of leakage of gas.
  • Environmental Benefits - PNG is a clean/environment friendly fuel. It does not leave any unpleasant soot, ash or fumes.
  • No Spillage, Pilferage or Adulteration- PNG is supplied end-to-end through pipelines, thus, doing away with possibility of pilferage, spillage and adulteration.
  • High Combustion Efficiency – Due to low carbon to hydrogen ratio, PNG burns more efficiently than other high carbon fuels like – Diesel, LPG, Coal, etc.
  • Billing – Billing process is fully paperless and automatic, thus, improving ease of use.
  • No Storage Required - PNG does not require any storage tank or storage space since it is supplied to you through pipelines.
  • No preheating required - In case of PNG, no preheating is required which leads to considerable savings on auxiliary power cost
  • Lower maintenance cost - With PNG, soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages are absent from the appliances. Maintenance costs are thus, driven down