CNG Retail Prices
NCT of Delhi Rs. 75.59/- per Kg
Noida Rs. 81.20/- per Kg
Greater Noida Rs. 80.20/- per Kg
Ghaziabad Rs. 80.20/- per Kg
Muzaffarnagar Rs. 81.58/- per Kg
Meerut Rs. 81.58/- per Kg
Shamli Rs. 81.58/- per Kg
Gurugram Rs. 82.62/- per Kg
Rewari Rs. 81.20/- per Kg
Karnal Rs. 82.93/- per Kg
Kaithal Rs. 82.93/- per Kg
Kanpur Rs. 84.42/- per Kg
Hamirpur Rs. 84.42/- per Kg
Fatehpur Rs. 84.42/- per Kg
Ajmer Rs. 84.44/- per Kg
Pali Rs. 84.44/- per Kg
Rajsamand Rs. 84.44/- per Kg
Mahoba Rs. 84.42/- per Kg
Banda Rs. 84.42/- per Kg
Chitrakoot Rs. 84.42/- per Kg
Hapur Rs. 80.20/- per Kg
Domestic PNG Retail Prices (w.e.f. 23.11.2023 )
NCT of Delhi Rs. 48.59/- per SCM
Noida Rs. 48.46/- per SCM
Greater Noida Rs. 48.46/- per SCM
Ghaziabad Rs. 48.46/- per SCM
Karnal Rs. 47.40/- per SCM
Gurugram Rs. 47.40/- per SCM
Muzaffarnagar Rs. 51.97/- per SCM
Meerut Rs. 51.97/- per SCM
Shamli Rs. 51.97/- per SCM
Ajmer Rs. 54.23/- per SCM
Pali Rs. 54.23/- per SCM
Rajsamand Rs. 54.23/- per SCM
Kanpur Rs. 51.10/- per SCM
Hamirpur Rs. 51.10/- per SCM
Fatehpur Rs. 51.10/- per SCM
Kaithal Rs. 47.40/- per SCM