Q.1. What is self-billing?

Ans. Self Billing is an additional facilty to the PNG Domestic customer through which retail bill/invoice can be generated at customer convenience by submitting meter reading and photograph through IGL Connect Mobile App irrespective of bi-monthly billing.
Q.2. How to self -bill? What are the steps involved.?
Ans. It is a three step process.
Login to IGL connect app using your BP number and registered mobile number.
Ensure you are E bill subscribed for faster processing and delivery of bill on your registered email id. "E-bill Subscription is mandatory”. No hard copy of the bill shall be delivered “.

 1.Click on Self Billing.

2.Insert Meter reading.
Submit meter reading from Left to Right (Ex. Meter reading is 00350.105)


3.Upload the real time clear picture of meter and submit.

Q.3. When would I receive the bill in this case?
Ans. The bill will be generated within 24 hours and delivered on registered Email-id. E-Bill subscription is preferred for ease of bill delivery on email.

Q.4. When can I do self-billing? Clarify the time period.
Ans. Self-billing can be done as and when required irrespective of regular bi-monhtly billing cycle however it is essential to maintain a gap of 21 days from last invoice/bill date failing to that self-billing cannot be done.

Q.5. How does self-billing benefits me?
Ans. It offers hassle free, billing choice at one’ s own convenience.

  • No worries on missed meter reading or requirement of a meter reader visit.
  • Get instant resolution to your meter reading related complaints
  • Break your bi monthly bill into monthly using this choice.
  • No concerns of estimated bills/adjustments etc.

Q.1 When can IGL disconnect customer’s connection?
Ans. When a customer has not paid arrear/outstanding dues of gas for two billing cycle, the connection is liable for disconnection.

Q.2 How to apply for disconnection/surrendering of connection and Security Refund?
Ans. Please register a request at our call centre or visit any walk-in centre to place the request for Permanent Disconnection.
*Copy of cancelled Cheque (For refund only) along with refund form.

Q.3 Can a customer apply for re-connection with the same meter after Permanent Disconnection?
Ans. No, the customer has to apply for new connection which will be with new meter number and BP Number.

Q.4 Where can I inform in case I am not using gas for a long duration?
Ans. There is a provision of temporary disconnection and reconnection of PNG services to take care of non- usage of gas for long durations. This is also advisable to ensure safety of connection and avoidance of any leakage in house. It can be availed at time of house renovation and repair too.
Please register a request at our call centre 18001025109/18004195109or or visit any walk-in centre to place the request for Temporary disconnection.
A minimum maintenance fee is charged once the connection is resumed, however no bill is being generated during temporary disconnection period. Refer Schedule of Charges

Q.5 What are the charges for restoration of connection?
Ans. In case of a temporary disconnection (TD renovation), restoration shall be made on payment of past dues and all applicable charges. Refer Schedule of Charges

Q.6 I had surrendered the connection. Need an NOC for same.
Ans. NOC is issued in case of Govt. accommodation only.

Q.7 I just bought a house and it has a running gas connection. What do I need to check?
Ans. Check for BP number with the previous owner and submit a request for ownership transfer. Documents Required:

  • Registered property paper ie, Sale deed, GPA, Conveyance deed
  • Copy of Electricity Bill from Discom
  • NOC on Rs 100 stamp paper duly notarised.
  • ID proof.
  • IGL registration form

Q.8 My gas bill comes on the name of my Apartment, how can I get in rectified?
Ans. Please mail on pngbuilders@igl.co.inwith your BP number in subject. Attach enclosed documents.

  • Allotment letter/Possession letter/Registered property paper
  • ID proof
  • IGL registration form

FAQ for Ownership Transfer Cases

1. How do I change the name on PNG gas connection?
Ans. In case of Property Sale/Purchase/Death of Existing registered customer name transfer to be done on completion of commercial formalities. You may apply for change of name through call centre/chatbot/Walk-in Centre.
Name change documents to be submitted in hard copy only.

2. What are the requisite documents for Name Transfer?
Ans. For change of PNG Gas connection name, we require below four documents
- PNG Ownership Transfer Form
- ID Proof of applicant
- NOC cum Indemnity Bond
- Registered Ownership Papers
**For details kindly refer out PNG Section through this link https://iglonline.net/english/Default.aspx?option=article&type=single&id=200&mnuid=380&prvtyp=site

3. Is any clause required in registered property papers for transfer of PNG gas connection?
Ans. It is advisable to mention the PNG gas connection transfer clause in registry while purchase of any property to avoid any dispute in future. It is also advisable that the seller of the property, either surrenders his PNG connection with IGL or Settles the security deposit with the buyer of the property.
In case the PNG gas connection transfer clause in registry is not mentioned in the property ownership papers OR, IGL connection is not surrendered to IGL/settled with the buyer of the property, IGL shall not be liable for any subsequent disputes between the partied i.e. buyer, seller or any claimants in future.

4. Any charges or processing fee applicable for PNG gas connection transfer?
Ans. There are no charges for transfer of PNG Gas Connection. However, Rs. 100 NOC cum Indemnity bond is required to be submitted to IGL by the applicant/s alongwith the ownership transfer KYC form
Further the buyer of property has to settle connection security deposit against the PNG gas connection with the seller of the property to avoid any disputes in future. IGL will not be liable for any such disputes in future.

Q.1 How and from where can I update my contact details?
Ans. Customers can update their contact number through any of the following options:

  • Call our 24/7 Toll free number  011-41387000 / 011-49835100 011-69020500 / 011-69020400
  • Customer Login section on Website www.iglonline.net or update contact details in customer zone on Igl website.
  • Email at customercare.png@igl.co.in
  • Visit our Walk-in Centres
  • Through IGL Connect App

Q.2 Why is the BP No. required for registering a complaint?
Ans. IGL maintains customer data with BP No. as unique identification number. It is advisable to save your BP No. in mobile handsets so that it is always handy – anytime and anywhere.

Q.3 What is the procedure to Login on IGL Website?
The procedure is as follows: Log on to www.iglonline.net
Click on “customer Login” and register your BP No. /mobile number for easy access.

Q.4 How to get the password reset in case I forget the same?
Ans. Please click on Forgot Password option; you will receive a link on registered email or number for reset of password.

Q.5 Where to approach for my complaints?

  • Call our 24X7 Toll Free 011-41387000 / 011-49835100 011-69020500 / 011-69020400.For Leakage/Fire/Emergency related concern call at 8130995000 or 155216
  • Login through our website or though app.
  • You can also mail at customercare.png@igl.co.in
  • Visit our walk-in centres.

Q.6 Is the website accessible through mobile also?
Ans. Yes, website is available for easy access through mobile phone. It is accessible from the same URL.
However, we recommend to download our app-IGL Connect for easy connection.
Following functionalities are available through IGL connect mobile App.

  • Know your PNG gas bill details & quick payment link
  • Know last three consumption& payment history
  • Update mobile number & e-mail ID
  • Report safety related incidents.
  • Self-billing.
  • Register complaints
  • Subscribe for E bill
  • CNG que Information.

Grievance Redressal Steps:-

Incharge Customer Care inchargecustomercare@igl.co.in Or 011-69020596

Customer can approach Incharge Customer care in case complaint not resolved within 15 days of registering with customer care.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:15 am to 5:45 pm

Nodal Team nodalofficer@igl.co.in Or 011-69020597

We aim to resolve all complaints at the first point of contact. In case you don't get satisfactory resolution of your query / complaint at the customer service centre you can get in touch with our Nodal Team with your complaint reference number and details of grievance.

Working Hours: Monday to Friday; 9:15 am to 5:45 pm

Appellate Authority

If the resolution provided for the complaint is not satisfactory, then you may choose to file an Appeal with the Appellate Authority through email appellateauthority@igl.co.in Or call at 011-69020598

Points to remember:

a) The working hours for Appellate Authority are between 9:15 am to 5:45 pm from Monday to Saturday.

b) While raising an appeal to the Appellate Authority, the complaint details (Service Request No) shared by the complaint centre shall be available.

c) The appeal should be filed within 90 Days of the expiry of the complaint or request resolution time specified by the complaint centre.

Q1. Is it better to place the meter inside or outside Kitchen?
Ans. There is no preference. It depends on the spatial arrangement

Q2. How do I know my meter number?
Ans. The meter installed at your premises has meter number written on it. The same should match with meter number mentioned on your bill.

Q3. What is the frequency of meter reading collection?
Ans. It happens once in every 2 months by IGL authorized representative.

Q4. There was Note at my door saying “We Missed You”. What does it mean?
Ans. If the meter reading could not be collected as the premises was locked or for any other reason. In such case, you may perform Self Billing through IGL Connect App (available on Google Play store or Apple i-store) or can share the meter reading on the WhatsApp No. mentioned on the Notes.

Q5. How can I submit my reading if its missed?
Ans. The note has a WhatsApp Number mentioned over it. You can share meter photograph on that WhatsApp number. You can also call the customer care number and provide your reading. Alternatively, you can opt for self-billing through IGL Connect App (available on Google Play store or Apple i-store)

Q6. Can I do self-submission of reading for billing?
Ans. We offer a facility known as “Self-Billing” through our IGL Connect App. You need to submit meter reading and upload meter picture to initiate billing all by yourself. Please remember it is essential to maintain a gap of 21 days from last invoice date and you should be E bill subscribed preferably.

Q7. How to read the meter? Which digits to note.
Ans. The meter digit is in 2 parts black and red. The Black part denotes the whole number and Red part denotes the decimal number.

Q8. The meter reading on my bill is wrong. What should I do?
Ans. Please check if invoice is Estimated or Retail as mentioned on the top left corner of the bill. In case of Estimated bill, the amount is adjusted in subsequent bill when the actual meter reading happens. To make it an actual invoice or retail invoice, you may perform Self Billing through IGL Connect App. However, in case of Retail Invoice, please call our 24x7 Customer Care and share the meter reading details and raise a complaint.

Q1. What is the difference between PNG and LPG?
Ans. LPG is Liquefied Petroleum Gas and PNG is Piped Natural Gas. LPG comes in cylinders of different capacity. PNG is supplied through pipeline directly to your kitchen.

Q2.How is PNG better than LPG?
Ans.PNG has several advantages over LPG and offers unmatched convenience.

Continuous and uninterrupted supply - PNG will be supplied to your house 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all through the year at your control. No monthly booking challenges as in case of cylinders.

Safety - PNG is absolutely safe. PNG is lighter than air & instantaneously mixes with air and evaporates, in case of any leakage. However, LPG is heavier than air, and so, in case of any leakage, it will settle down in the surroundings, with higher chances of fire from the cylinder.

Clutter free and space free - The LPG cylinder occupies space in the kitchen. However, PNG is supplied through a half-inch pipeline which occupies almost close to negligible space when set up and is more aesthetic.

Consumption based billing - Pay for what you use. In case of PNG, you have to pay as per the consumption based on meter reading.

A greener fuel- As the ratio of carbon to hydrogen is least in methane, this makes PNG one of the cleanest fuel. Let’s do our bit for the environment.

Q3. What changes are required for conversion of a LPG appliance to be PNG friendly?
Ans.PNG works on a cooking appliance just like LPG does. Converting an existing LPG appliance to a PNG friendly one is done by trained IGL technicians.

Q4. How do I register for a new connection?
Ans. To register for a new connection request, customers may use following options:

  • Register Online through Customer Services section on our website www.iglonline.net
  • Call our 24 Hrs. Toll Free No.18001025109/18004195109
  • Get a Call back facility- Lodge your request for call back through IGL website or IGL Connect Mobile App.
  • Visit any nearest Walk-in Centre.
  • Doorstep facility through IGL authorised Direct Marketing Agents. (details available on IGL website)

Note: Providing PNG Connection is subject to company''s rollout plan in the authorized GAs and network availability at respective location.

Q5. What are steps involved in providing a new connection?
Ans. A new connection shall be provided in below steps majorly.

  • Application or Registration for new connection.
  • Business Partner number generation.
  • Site Inspection and feasibility check.
  • Security Deposit payment realisation after feasibility clearance.
  • External connections and meter installation.
  • Once the meter is installed, thereafter gas stove is connected to main pipeline through a valve and gas regulator
  • A new gas stove or existing one running on LGP many require nozzle conversion for usage of PNG.

Q6. What do I do with my LPG connection after shifting to PNG?
Ans. Within 60 days of obtaining a PNG connection, customers can opt to

  • Surrender their subsidised LPG cylinders.
  • Safe custody of Subsidised cylinders.
  • Convert subsidised LPG cylinders to non-subsidised one

Q7. What are the possible reasons for my application to be rejected?
Ans. An application for new connection may be rejected due to reasons including but not limited to following:

  • Documents not complete or incorrect ownership proof
  • Wrong / incorrect information regarding address and contact details.
  • The locality does not have pipeline as of now.
  • Dues on premises not paid /cleared off by previous user.
  • Technical reasons for connections not feasible.
  • Initial payments for application not cleared.

Q8. Can I get the connection, if I live in a rented house?
Ans. Yes, you can have a connection even if you live in a rented house. If tenant wants to apply for new PNG connection on in his/her name, then tenant has to get the No Objection Certificate of registration form signed by the lawful owner of the premise or provide a valid rent agreement. In case of valid rent agreement with the lawful owner of the premise there is no requirement of NOC.

Q9. Can I have 2 connections in the same house?
Ans. Yes, you can have 2 connections in the same house.

Q10. What are the documents required for new connection?
Ans. Enclosed documents are required along with IGL registration form.

  • Copy of Ownership Proof Electricity Bills/House Tax Receipt/Sales Deed/Allotment letter
  • In case of tenant NOC required or Rent agreement along with address proof (above mentioned)

Q11. What are the charges for new connection?
Ans. IGL charges a Refundable security deposit of Rs.7000/- towards a New PNG Connection wherein RS 6000/- is towards installations and Rs.1000/- towards Consumption Security deposit. There are different schemes area wise which can be referred in new updates section.

Q12. Its more than 3 months, I have not heard on my connection status.
Ans. Please register your concern to our call centre for status.

Q1. How can I pay my bill?
Ans. We have multiple easy payment options:

Online Choices

  • Payment through Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, SI, e-wallets, Bharat QR codes and UPI on IGL Website or IGL Connect Mobile App.

Offline Modes

  • POS payment facility at IGL Walk-in Centres.
  • Prepaid Smart Card at CNG stations
  • Cash payments at branches of IDBI Bank
  • Cheque/DD at designated drop boxes.

Q2. Where can I drop my cheque. Cheque payment to be done in favour of?
Ans. You can drop your cheque any of the conveniently located conventional drop boxes installed by IDFC & ICICI Bank for IGL. Follow instructions given on the bill while issuing the Cheque for payment.

{Please draw your cheque / DD favouring “Indraprastha Gas Limited A/c Business Partner No. ___________”}To know more about the location of nearest drop box, click http://www.iglonline.net//english/Default.aspx?option=article&type=single&id=68&mnuid=297&prvtyp=site or Call Customer care at 1800 102 5109 & 1800 419 5109(Toll Free)

Q3. Where can I deposit cash against my bill payment?
Ans. Cash Payments can be made at select branches of IDBI Bank and retail outlets of Airtel Payment Banks. Do not forget to mention your Business Partner no. on the bank voucher while making cash payment. Carry your bill with for making payment at these outlets. To know more about the location of IDBI Bank branches or Airtel Payments Banks click link http://www.iglonline.net//english/Default.aspx?option=article&type=single&id=70&mnuid=299&prvtyp=site or Call Customer care at 1800 102 5109 & 1800 419 5109(Toll Free)

Q.4 Which cards are being accepted at IGL for bill payment?
Ans. All types of Credit/Debit cards/IGL Smart Cards are acceptable for bill payment. MasterCard /Visa cards/Diner’s Card /Ru Pay Cards are accepted for making bill payments

Q.5 How to make online payment of Bills?
Ans. We have an array of choices.

  • 1) Through IGL Website.
      • a) For customers not registered with IGL Go to www.iglonline.net Under the "Customer Zone" tab provided on right side of the website, click on "INSTA PAYMENT" (if you are not registered). Enter your BP Number & click “Get Details” to fetch details of amount payable. Click ‘pay’ to make online payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Wallet/Cash Card & other modes.
      • b) For customers registered with IGL If you haven''t registered on our website, you may click on "Customer Registration" tab and register with your BP Number, Mobile Number, Create Password & Email address to access your account details online. After registering follow the below process or Go to www.iglonline.net Under the "Customer Zone" tab provided on right side of the website, click on "CUSTOMER LOGIN". Log with your User Name (i.e BP Number) and password. On Home Page, click on “Make Payment” which will open “Pay Balance Amount”. After checking the amount, click on “Make online payment” to make online payment using Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Wallet/Cash Card & other modes.

    The above options can also be exercised through IGL Connect Mobile App for more ease and convenience

  • 2) Through E-wallet Payment-Paytm:This facility is offered by Pay Tm for easy payment process of bills through wallet. To avail this facility, customer needs to download their respective mobile app.
    • Go to Paytm wallet mobile app
    • Under the “Recharge or Pay Bills for” click on “Gas”. Enter “Gas Provider” and select Tab “Indraprastha Gas Limited” and then enter BP Number to fetch details of amount payable.
    • Click ‘pay’ to make wallet payment
  • 3) Through UBIQC Mobile Application Provides choice to directly view and pay bill.
  • 4) BHIM UPI BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money) is a UPI enabled initiative to facilitate safe, easy & instant digital payments through your mobile phone.
  • 5) Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) BBPS offers Myriad bill service options to customer. Be it one’s electricity bill, post-paid or gas bill, BBPS is a one-stop bill payment solution to all customer''s real-time A consumer can either carry a copy of the bill or bill details to any of the BBPS Agent Outlet or pay the bills instantly. Also, he can make a bill payment using any online channel and through any digital mode of payment.
  • 6) E-wallet QR Code Payments: This facility is offered by Pay Tm and Bharat Pay, for easy payment process of bills through wallets. To avail this facility, customer needs to download their respective mobile apps.
  • 7) Standing Instruction on Card (SI):
    Through this service, IGL customers can issue one-time instruction to charge his credit card {Master/Visa/Diners} for payment of PNG bill. Thereafter, your card will be debited automatically for your subsequent PNG bill amounts. Fill the "SI on card" form (link provided below) and courier it to the following address:-
    DGM (Marketing)
    Marketing Department
    Indraprastha Gas Ltd.
    IGL Bhawan, Plot No. 4, Community Centre,
    Sector 9, R.K. Puram,
    New Delhi 110022
    (To download "SI on Card" form, Click on

Q.6 What offline modes are available to make the payment of Bills apart from cash and cheque?
Ans. Below choices are available:

  • a) Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP):

    This facility is offered by most banks for easy payment process of bills through Net banking. To avail this facility, go to the website of your respective bank and log onto your account.

    • Click on "Bill Pay"
    • Click on "Register for a New Biller"
    • Enter "State" as "Delhi"
    • Enter "Category of Billers" as "Utility"
    • Choose "Indraprastha Gas Limited" from a list of options and Click on Register
    • Enter your BP Number and a nickname of IGL for your reference
    • You can choose to opt for "Auto pay" or "manual pay" from the options provided by bank.

    Note: The process/terminologies described above may vary slightly with different banks. Alternately, you can also visit www.billdesk.com for further information.

  • b) NACH (National Automated Clearing House):
    Under this system, your bank account would be debited through NACH facility for your PNG consumption bill amount. You do not have to open any new bank account for the purpose but your existing bank account is good enough to avail this easy payment facility. Customer shall fill the NACH form (link provided below) and submit the same in IGL along with a cancelled bank cheque of his/her bank account.
    DGM (Marketing)
    Marketing Department
    Indraprastha Gas Ltd
    IGL Bhawan, Plot No. 4, Community Centre,
    Sector 9,
    R.K. Puram,
    New Delhi110022

    Service shall be activated in 3 weeks from submission of NACH form. (To download NACH form, Click on

  • c) POS Machine: This facility is provided at walk-in customer care (At RK Puram, Rohini, Bhikaji & Noida) for making payment through Debit/Credit Card powered by Visa, Master, Rupay by swapping on POS machine.
  • d) SMART Card: A prepaid card that enables you to purchase fuel through cashless transaction from CNG fuel network and also pay your PNG gas bills at the stations

Q.7 What options are available in case I want to check my previous payment details?
Ans. A customer can get information about payments or any other details related to a connection, through the following:

  • Through IGL Connect Mobile App
  • On Website www.iglonline.net

Customer may log in to his account and select the options available as per requirement like Account Information, Billing details, Consumption details, Payment History. Alternatively, can call at our call centre.

Q.8 Whom can I approach to register my payment related complaint?
Ans. A customer can register his/her complaints through the following options:

  • IGL Connect Mobile App
  • Complaint through website www.iglonline.net
  • Call at our 24X7 Toll free number.

Q.9 When will my online payment be updated in my account?
Ans. Online payment shall be reflected in your account within 48 hrs hours of payment.

Q.10 I made a payment through drop box but the invoice is showing unpaid, what should I do?
Ans. The cheque realisation require 8-10 days. Please register a complaint at our customer care number with payment details ie date, cheque number, bank details etc.

Q.11 What are the consequences, if I have not paid my bill?
Ans. A late payment charge is levied after due date. Disconnection Notice is served on non-payment bills and it may be disconnected if not cleared within stipulated time.

Q.12 What is the rate of Late Payment Surcharge (LPSC) and how it is charged to Customers?
Ans. LPSC means Surcharge applicable due to non-payment of bill within the due date. It’s charged at 2% of the outstanding or due amount.

Q.13 Why my payment is not reflected though I have paid?
Ans. Payment transaction details has been provided by the service provider. It takes 2-3 business days for payment to be reflected in our system. You can check after 2-3 days, if your payment is still pending then you can register a complaint at our call center.

Q1. What is the billing cycle for my bill?
Ans. The billing cycle for a PNG domestic connection is every 2 months (Bi-monthly).

Q2. What is the system of billing?
Ans. Billing for domestic consumers is based on the meter reading taken by the authorized IGL representative once in two months. Alternatively, consumer can do Self billing too, by submitting meter reading and photograph through our IGL Connect App.

Q3. What unit of measurement is used?
Ans. Gas consumption is measured in SCM (Standard Cubic Meter)

Q4. What are the different components of bill? Ans. Total bill payable mainly comprises of Consumption Charges (units consumed X applicable rates), Taxes+ Arrears (if any) + LPSC (if any) + Adjustment (if any), EMI and FDC. Refer sample Bill copy for more details and clarity.

Q5. How do I get my bills?
Ans. You can choose to get bill on email, hard copy or on WhatsApp by registering for the same as per your preference. Having a thrust on Environmental concerns, we request customers to choose E-Bills, wherein you would receive your gas bill on registered mail id. Alternatively, you can view and pay the bill through IGL connect app/website at your fingertips. Please ensure your contact number and Email id is updated for seamless bill delivery.

Q6. What is E bill?
Ans. It is paper less bill. You can now receive the invoice on your E-mail Id by registering for E-Bill. By doing this. you can reduce the paper wastage and help us to save the environment.

Q7. The invoices is some time “Retail “and at times “Estimated". What does it mean?
Ans. Invoice billed on actual meter reading is retail bill. An estimated bill is generated when actual reading is not available and is based on past average consumption. On receipt of actual meter reading at a later stage necessary adjustments are given.

Q8. What is estimated bill? How is it calculated?
Ans. Estimated bill is raised when, due to some reasons, the actual reading is not available. This provisional bill will be based on the average consumption in past months where in reading was taken. However, the current amount of provisional bill if found excess is adjusted automatically in next actual reading based bill.

Q9. Are estimated bill payable?
Ans. Yes, it is must to pay estimated bill just like a retail/actual bill before the mentioned due date or else the late payment charges shall be levied in next bill however adjustments, if there are any, against the estimated bill, shall be provided on subsequent actual bill generated.

Q10. What happens in case of continuous estimated billing?
Ans. Connection shall be liable for disconnection after 03 estimated bills. You are advised to provide current meter reading at our call centre to generate retail bills.

Q11. LPSC stands for?
Ans. LPSC means Late Payment Surcharge applicable due to non-payment of bill within the due date. Its levied at 2 % of the outstanding amount.

Q12. If the premises are vacant, can I avail a "Not in Use" facility? Is it beneficial to the customer?
Ans. Yes, it is always advisable to place a request at IGL customer Care for Temporary disconnection, when you are away for few months. This is also important from safety perspective. After temporary disconnection your bill as on date will be generated.
For a TD request Call at our 24X7 Toll Free 18001025109 or 18004195109
You will be charged a minimal maintenance charge, Rs25 per month until restoration of services once the connection is activated and billing resumes. No bill would be generated until restoration.

Q13. I have not received my bill; how can I get a duplicate copy?
Ans. To view any type of billing information, we provide below choices. a) Customer can simply log on to www.iglconnect.co.in and register BP No. by just entering a few details regarding the connection. Once password is generated, one can view the details any time. b) Alternatively please call our call centre and request for a duplicate bill.

Q14. How can I subscribe for E bill?
Ans. You can call the customer care/ self-login through IGL connect app/ or website to request for E bill registration. Alternatively mail at optebill@igl.co.in with BP details and Email id.

Q15. What is Minimum Consumption charge on my bill?
Ans. In case consumption in a bi- monthly billing cycle is less than 4 scm, consumer is liable to pay minimum charges equivalent to 4 scm value in 60 days.

Q16. The meter reading on the bill is wrong or high?
Ans. Please register a complaint either at call centre /through app or online with clear details of current meter reading. We will investigate and correct if any discrepancy found.

Q17. When connection is liable for disconnection.?
Ans. The connection is liable for disconnection if the dues are not cleared for 2 billing cycle. Connection is restored after payment of O/s amount along with restoration charges of Rs 3000.

Q18. What is ACSD and how do we calculate it?

ACSD stands for “Additional Consumption Security Deposit”. It is a refundable security deposit against the consumption. It is calculated based on average of bi-monthly gas consumption which is calculated as below: 

Calculated Avg. Domestic Consumption per day (in SCMD) shall be based on all invoice's consumption & no. of days fetched for last 1 year (365 days) invoice posting date in SAP i.e consumption (365 days excluding arrears & service charges if any) / Total consumption days. Avg. Bi-Monthly bill amount (Rs) = SCMD * 60 * Current price. ACSD is then calculated based on following slab –

Avg. Bi- Monthly Bill Amount   

CSD Amount     

CSD Paid     

ACSD Raised   

Rs. Till 1250




Rs.1251 - Rs.1750



Rs 500/-

Rs.1751 - Rs.2250




Rs.2251 - Rs.2750



Rs 1500/-

More than Rs 2751– Amount shall be raised in the Rs 500 bracket in which they fall like Rs 2751 –Rs 3250, Rs 3251 –Rs 3750………….and so on. The above-mentioned slabs may change in future as per the management approval. ACSD refund if any, shall only be done on individual customer request and last 365 days consumption pattern shall be considered for calculation of the refundable amount if any from the date of request. Refund shall be done as per refund process.

Q19. What is Customer Convenience Charge?
Ans: Customer Convenience charge of Rs. 20 (excluding taxes) per invoice is being charged to Non- E bill Subscribed PNG Domestic Customer for hardcopy bill facility w.e.f 01st Feb 2023.


Geographical AreasControl Room Number
Rewari 8448588599
Dharuhera 8448588569
Karnal 8448184015
Muzzafarnagar 7428097827


Q.1 What should I do in case I do not receive any recharge alert?
Ans. Please contact the control room and register a complaint in this regard .Ensure your mobile number is updated.

Q.2 What should I do in case my gas supply is stopped despite making recharge?
Ans. There may be two reasons for it

  • a. Any equipment failure or technical problem.
  • b. The balance might not have got updated in meter or portal. Payment take around 3days to get updated.
  • Please contact the control room for more details.


Q.3 How to check / confirm my BP number for recharge?
Ans. Please keep a note to your BP number for any communication. Alternatively may call control room, the customer care agent will inform you regarding your BP number by knowing your address and mobile number details.

Q.4 How can I get my EMI schedule?
Ans. Please follow enclosed step. Go to https://www.iglonline.net/ -> Click on PNG DOMESTIC USER on the right hand side of the page -> Then click on Download your EMI schedule -> A fresh page will appear -> Enter your BP number-> Click on download->EMI schedule will appear.

Q.5 How to Recharge for my gas connection?
Ans. Please follow enclosed step. Go to https://www.iglonline.net/ -> Click on PREPAID PNG DOMESTIC USER->Click on PREPAID METER RECHARGE-> A fresh page will appear -> Enter your BP number and click on get details-> After checking and confirming your details-> Choose amount to be paid from tabs-> Select payment method-> Click on pay and your will be direct to merchant site-> Enter necessary card details on merchant site and pay accordingly-> After successful payment you will receive a confirmation page-> Save the receipt for future reference it will be helpful in case payment doesn’t update automatically.

Q.6 How to check my gas balance/consumption?
Ans. If you are using Inel Meter Go to https://www.iglonline.net/ -> Click on PNG DOMESTIC USER on the right hand side of the page -> Then click on Prepaid gas balance status -> A fresh page will appear -> Enter your BP number-> Click on Submit->Gas balance will appear on screen. If you are using Beta genesis Meter

  1. Call control room , the agent will provide you the necessary details by knowing your BP number
  2. Long press meter button and surplus gas details will appear on meter screen.


Q.7 Can I recharge from Paytm/ Bhim app or other bank applications?
Ans. It is recommended to recharge from IGLONLINE Portal Only.

Q.8 How do I pay for any chargeable complaint, as I am a prepaid customer?
Ans. The TPI/ Technician will inform your regarding the charges. After completion of work he will fill GIRM and will get it signed .The payment for any charges is to be made by cheque in favor of Indraprastha Gas Ltd. The cheque should be handed over to TPI/ Technician while signing the GIRM.

Q.9 How can I get refund of my balance gas amount in case I surrender my connection?
Ans. Once you surrender your connection permanently, PD form will be filled by you and a cancelled cheque copy is to be submitted. All your security deposit and balance gas amount will be reimbursed to the cancelled cheque account.

Q.10 How can I get my paid EMI details?
Ans. You may call control room and the agent will provide you with all the requisite details by knowing your BP number.

Q.11 I am an EMI customer and now I want to pay my entire balance security, how can I do that?
Ans. Please visit to control room to make the payment. The balance security amount can be paid with the cheque in favor of Indraprastha gas Ltd.

Q.12 Why do I get bills, when I am a prepaid customer?
Ans. Bills you receive are for invoice purpose, payments are not to be made as per the bill received. Bills contain the details of gas consumption and security of previous two months.

Q.13 How many days in advance should I recharge by meter
Ans. Three days prior to exhaustion of gas balance is necessary to avoid any disruption in gas supply.

Q 14 When should I pay for EMI?
Ans. You can pay your installment as per enclosed schedule For EMI customers Customer will receive a pending EMI message from our meter service provider (Inel/ Genesis) once Emi gets due. Within 7 days of receiving this message recharge of Rs 500/- is required to be made from Iglonline.net website portal for successful payment of EMI For EDI customers Daily Rs 8/- or equivalent gas quantity is deducted from the balance against EMI deposit.

Q.15 What is EDI?
Ans. Equated daily Installment (Daily Rs 8/- or equivalent gas quantity is deducted from the balance against EMI deposit)

Q.16 What is the total security amount which I require to pay?
Ans. Rs 5500 (Rs 5000 against equipment security and Rs 500 against gas security)

Q.17 My meter valve gets closed sometimes and whenever I press the button it gets opened, what should I do in this case?
Ans. Raise a complaint at control room, your meter will be checked and if found faulty. It will be replaced immediately.

Q.18 I think my meter is running fast, what shall I do?
Ans. Raise a complaint at control room or IGL Call Center, a parallel meter will be installed to check the consumption. In case meter is found faulty it will be replaced and extra consumption will be repaid back. This service is chargeable and charges will be guided by the TPI/Technician who will visit for attending the complaint.

Q.19 Do I get charged in case I have not used gas for a long period?
Ans. A minimum quantity of 4 scm gas or equivalent amount in rupees is deducted every two months for non-usage of domestic connection.

Q1.How can I apply for IGL Govt connection?
Ans.Customer can apply through online as well as offline. Through online, customer has to visit our website:- www.iglonline.net >>Click on PNG Domestic Customer Segment>Enter>Select Govt. Connection. >>Now fill the required details. >>Login details will be sent to registered e-mail id. >>In your account, document upload and payment options are provided. >>After successful verification of Documents and payment receival, your connection will be done by our site team

Q2. What are the documents required?
Ans. Allotment Copy of the Allotted Quarter, Office Id Card & Clear Picture of the Gas Meter Installed in the Quarter and Interest Free Refundable CSD Amount of Rs.1000/- through Cheque/DD Favoring ‘INDRAPRASTHA GAS LTD.’
But if a person is not willing to pay through Cheque/DD then he/she can pay through online or CSD Amount of Rs.1000/- will be charged in their first bill. In case of Defence/Armed forces & police personnel only Aadhar card is required instead of their office id card but they have to mention their office id card number in the form.

Q3.Can I apply online?
Ans.YES, If your connection was active previously and meter reading is not zero. But, if the meter reading is zero visit is required.

Q4: Any extra charges that I need to pay?
Ans: No extra charges are required for new connection. If the modification is required by the customer then charges will be applicable as per the modification charge sheet (Service charges section IGL).