The management accepts the responsibility for safety, Health, and environment management of the company. The subject being a line responsibility, every employee has been made responsible and accountable for the protection of Safety, Health, and Environment. The policy of company is as follows:

  • To give top most priority to safety & health of all the personnel, property and protect environment.
  • To follow all applicable codes, standards and safety practices in design, operation, maintenance and modifications to ensure HSE protection.
  • All planning, decisions and actions confirm our commitment towards safety, health and environment protection aspects.
  • Safety audit is carried out yearly and the findings are documented for follow up actions so as to restore safe condition.
  • Each employee is fully informed for strict compliance of safety orders/rules issued by the management.
  • Health checks of each employee and done annually.
  • To train all employees in their respective areas of activities.
  • Engineer-in-charges of projects ensure compliance of safety orders/rules and statutory requirements by contractor, transporters, visitors and other agencies related to contracts.
  • Environment aspect audit once in a year, confirmatory and observation redressed immediately.
  • Emergency drills are conducted every six months.
  • Each employee is to abstain from unsafe acts and prevent unsafe conditions.
  • It is compulsory for all the employees to take active part on safety, health & environment related activities on and off the job. Compliance of observation is done in most effective manner.
  • To ensure compliance of work permit system.
  • Use of personnel protective equipments is compulsory while at work.
  • Quality maintained in all areas of activities.
  • To adopt such systems and methods so as to ensure continual improvement.
  • Management ensures that efforts of each employee are directed to contribute for achieving excellence in safety, health, environment, quality and productivity. 


Ashim Batra E.S.                                                                                                                                                                             Ranganathan
(Factory Manager)                                                                                                                                                                              (Occupier)