Customer Educational Initiatives

Safety Audio Clip CNG 
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Mobile Safety Training Van

IGL’s mobile training van is equipped with all latest training aids and live firefighting system wherein experienced trainer provides hands on training on firefighting to the Society Residents especially to the women /housewives.

As there is a large fleet of School Buses, Public Transport viz. DTC / UPSRTC BUSES runs on the CNG and keeping the safety of Children and general public in mind IGL‘s mobile training van provides hands on training to the drivers of these school buses for tackling any emergency situation

Contact for any training requirement: Phone No. 011-46074722(Vikas), 9716044305(Saurabh),9818831130(Raman) & 9871289933(Dheeraj).
Contact for any Query related to Safety: Phone No: 9818831130(Raman Kumar) & 9871289933(Dheeraj Tiwari).