Revised CSR Policy pursuant to CSR Amendment Rules 2021

Brief Outline on CSR Policy of the Company

Indraprastha Gas Limited recognizes that its business activities have direct and indirect impact on the society. The Company strives to integrate its business values and operations in an ethical and transparent manner to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable development and to meet the interests of its stakeholders. IGL has played a major role in reducing the pollution levels in the national capital. This contribution of the organization has been well acknowledged at many national and international fora. IGL is a socially responsible organization which undertakes a number of activities which contribute to society and justify its existence as an organization committed to public expectations.

For IGL, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of the organization that goes beyond its legal obligations and integrates social, environmental and ethical concerns into company’s business process. A responsible business is expected to not only take care of its stakeholders but also to engage and contribute meaningfully towards improving the quality of life of the communities and environment in which it operates. CSR is, therefore, closely linked with the practice of Sustainable Development. The Company is committed to continuously strive to achieve these objectives.

Toward this commitment, the Company shall:

(i)    Act as a socially responsible organization, delivering maximum value to its stakeholders, with which they shall be proud to be associated.

(ii)   Behave ethically and contribute towards economic development while improving the quality of life of our customers as well as local community and society at large.

(iii)  Develop strong environment consciousness in our operations and strive towards spreading awareness about the advantages of natural gas.

(iv) Conduct open and transparent business practices that are based upon ethical values and respect for communities and environment.

(v)   Integrate business functions, goals and strategy with planned community development agenda.

The areas listed in the Schedule VII to the Companies Act, 2013 and amendments to the same from time to time shall be taken as the guide for IGL’s CSR initiatives. IGL shall encourage interventions in a manner so as to bring all round development of the communities in which they intervene. Thus wherever possible, IGL shall promote adoption of communities/segments of the society for CSR interventions. The existing geographical areas and areas around the commercial activities of IGL shall be the main focus of these CSR interventions. In addition, IGL will also undertake initiatives for underprivileged backgrounds such as the drivers of CNG run autos, taxis, trucks and buses and others. The primary focus of IGL will be in form of interventions in areas of health, education, environment and empowerment of women & underprivileged.

However, CSR activities shall not include the following:

(i)     Activities undertaken in pursuance of normal course of business of the company

(ii)    Any activity undertaken by the company outside India except for training of Indian sports personnel representing any State or Union territory at national level or India at international level

(iii)   Contribution of any amount directly or indirectly to any political party under section 182 of the Act

(iv)   Activities benefitting employees of the company as defined in clause (k) of section 2 of the Code on Wages, 2019 (29 of 2019)

(v)    Activities supported by the companies on sponsorship basis for deriving marketing benefits for its products or services

(vi)   Activities carried out for fulfilment of any other statutory obligations under any law in force in India