Safety Tips

First Know Your Gas

  • Natural Gas is lighter than air, in case of leak vent upwards
  • Natural gas is colorless & odorless gas, however for your safety; an odorant is mixed for leak detection

Tips for Your Safety

  • Please check your Rubber Tube for crack, damage and replace it with SURAKSHA rubber tube
  • Make it a practice to keep the Appliance Valve (connecting gas supply through rubber tube) closed after use
  • Meter control valve to be turned off if your house is to remain closed for more than a day
  • In case of leakage, Don’t switch ON/OFF any electrical switch/appliance & for ventilation open doors & windows
  • Do not fiddle with PNG pipeline or fittings and for any repairs or modifications do not call local plumber or mechanic.
  • Always call PNG Control Room for any assistance
  • Always intimate PNG control room prior to any construction and modification in civil structure at your home
  • Always inform PNG Control Room if you find any third party digging work in progress nearby PNG pipeline coming to your home
  • Do not allow any naked flames (Fire Crackers, Lighting garbage on fire, etc.) near any PNG pipeline
  • Last but not the least, Check whether PNG Pipe is Concealed / Covered under Cupboard in your Kitchen, if Yes, Please get it in open, else leaked gas if any, may accumulate & pose Danger.