Apart from direct savings in switching over to Natural Gas, other benefits associated with the clean fuel are-

  • Heat Applications –In the Industrial and commercial sectors, PNG is being used to run Boilers, Ovens, Furnaces, Thermifluid heaters, Tumblers and Hot Water Generators for power generation.
  • Comfort Cooling– Generation is sequential generation of two forms of useful energy from a single primary energy source (Fuel), typically electrical and thermal energies of exhaust gas.

The exhaust thermal energy can be used in various applications like steam boilers, Vapour absorption chillers for air conditioning, refrigeration and hot water generation. The efficiency of cogeneration plant may go as high as 93% compared to around 37% efficiency attained by only electrical power generation plant.Cogeneration provides multiple benefits like

  • No emissions.
  • Low and less frequent maintenance.
  • No fuel storage hassles.
  • Liquid fuel supply chain not required.
  • Savings on transmission & distribution losses.
  • Cost effective electrical power.
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness further enhanced by recovering waste heat to generate chilling/cooling/heating effect, hot water steam generation etc.